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ah shit.

now I know what sarah felt that time.

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赤い人のオゴリ by きだゆー

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肉球マシュマロ CafeCat

Just a bit more….and then it all can end

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ty, rosie’s friends.

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based on heavy requests i am putting out a cat version, and it’s done even, and i have it on good authority from two close cat loving friends that it is most excellent…but i don’t want to post it until it’s up on the store because i feel like everything got out of hand last time and i had a 48 hour panic attack waiting for the store to go up…i’m sort of a nobody, so the response was really unexpected and i got all blotchy with worries.

thank you though!

here are all of the pets that are way too niche to make merch for, unless i do it myself to sell a few at cons…i seriously spent a good tenth of my day dreaming these up and making myself laugh. yay for niche pets!

robocop, our betta, modeled for me, but i had to do our hedgehogs from memories because i really do love them against their will…

please get a Snug Them Buns tattoo

I can’t even describe the noises I made over this.

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